Beach: A Lanzada


A long and beautiful beach in the province of Pontevedra. Its fine sand and turquoise waters make it a real paradise. Just off the coast, in the distance, you can spot the beautiful island of Ons. People often visit the island by boat. It is perfect for practising sports like diving, bodyboarding, windsurfing, surfing and paddle boarding. There are many services: beachfront bars, sun loungers, showers, a wooden walkway, etc. An interesting fact is that La Lanzada has archaeological remains of a maritime fortress dating from the 8th century, and a 3rd century Roman necropolis.

Beach: A Lanzada

Composition: sand

Type of sand: white

Swimming conditions: strong waves, windy

Length: 2400 m

Width: 70 m

Occupancy rate: high

Degree of urban development: isolated

Marina: pedras negras

Distance to beach: 3 km.

Means of access: On foot easy,Boat,Car

Nearest motorway: cc-500

Sunshade rental, sun lounger rental, water craft rental, toilets, showers, tourist office, litter bin, cleaning service, telephone, surf practice area

Maximum temperature: 15º Wind: 20 km/h, S