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Wildlife watching route: Rutting season of deers Cabañeros

From Toledo City, we will lead you to Montes de Toledo (Toledo Hills), around the Cabañeros National Park area of influence. A land of lynxes, great eagles and vultures, where we will find natural observatories for listening to the amazing sound from the male deers in mating period, the Berrea (Rutting) and watching the spectacular behaviour of great heards of deers. Our experts will unveal the secrets of the wildlife and landscapes for you.

Price 30.0€ per person (taxes included)
Activities available in the following languages Spanish, English
Place Yébenes, Los (Toledo)
Duration  8 hours
Activity category Nature, Ecotourism, Wildlife
Who is it for? LGBT, Senior, Adults without children, Families, Young people
Organising company TOLEDO NATURA
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