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Makin the traditional artisan cheese of Menorca

Among the daily works of the peasants in Menorca rural areas, the production of artisan cheese is an activity linked to the history, culture, tradition and gastronomy of the island, Biosphere Reserve.In this activity, the Madonna of Binissuès shows how cheese is made with D.O.P. Mahón-Menorca, one of the most awarded cheeses in the world, from the preparation of the milk with natural curdling agent to the drying of the pieces in wooden presses.The experience is completed with:• The Manor House and the Country House, preserved as they were in the last century and full of curiosities.• The Ethnological Collection with hundreds of objects and utensils necessary for day-to-day work in rural areas of Menorca.• The Museum of Natural Sciences of Menorca, to learn about the biological diversity of the island and beyond, and the importance and need for its conservation.

Price 10.0€ per person (taxes included)
Activities available in the following languages Spanish, English
Place Ferreries (Minorca)
Duration  2 hours
Activity category Spanish culture and traditions, Traditional activities, City tourism, Visits to museums and sights, Gastronomy and wine, Visits to cheesemakers
Who is it for? Adults without children, Families, Young people, LGBT, Senior
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