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Niebla Castle


This large building is situated within Niebla’s walled enclosure, and was designed to project the image of the noble who once lived there. The Guzmanes Fortress is to be found on one side of these walls. It was built in the Middle Ages. It has a rectangular floor plan, with eight towers of differing shapes and two main enclosures. Its interior is also divided into two irregular sections and has a courtyard surrounded by columns. The Keep is attached to the Castle. The building has been modified various times over the course of history.

Niebla Castle

Calle Campo Castillo, s/n.

21840  Niebla, Huelva  (Andalusia)

E-mail:turismo@niebladigital.com Tel.:+34 959091223 Tel.:+34 959363821 Strona WWW:http://www.niebla.es/es/
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