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Santa Justa y Rufina Church


The church was built on a site where Christian worship existed during the Visigothic era.During Moslem rule it was a mosque.During the XV century building work began on the church in Gothic style located under the dedication to Saints Justa y Rufina. The main front is a Baroque layout.The church was never finished for the construction was suspended in 1761. The tower has a square floor plan with massif shapes, finished off on the upper part with gable decoration.The church has one nave with side chapels.It has a sexpartitas vault roof.

Santa Justa y Rufina Church

Calle Santa Justa s/n

03300  Orihuela, Alicante - Alacant  (Region of Valencia)

E-mail:orihuelaturistica@orihuela.es Tel.:+34 965300622 Strona WWW:http://www.orihuelaturistica.es
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