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L'Iber – Museum of lead soldiers


An original idea featuring a display of over 95,000 miniatures, including particularly pieces relating to armies.

The museum's collection focuses mainly on toy soldiers. Through these pieces visitors can learn about the history of the guards of the Spanish Heads of State from the 15th century through to the present day, or view a re-enactment of the Battle of Almansa. There are also collections of miniatures depicting scenes from prehistoric times, the Middle Ages or the Corpus Christi procession, among others.

L'Iber – Museum of lead soldiers

Calle Caballeros 20-22

46001  Valencia, Valencia-València  (Region of Valencia)

E-mail:info@museoliber.org Tel.:+34 963918675 Strona WWW:http://www.museoliber.org
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