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Sierra de Huétor Nature Reserve


Sierra de Huértor

Sierra de Huértor is set in Granada province, close to the towns of Huértor de Santillán, Cogollos Vega, Diezma, Beas de Granada, Nívar and Viznar.

This open space is noted for its botanical importance and the Mediterranean type fauna, that includes protected species, for example the golden eagle and wild cat. The fauna of the area also includes reptiles, little owls and tawny owls, blackbirds, robins, warblers and partridges, amongst other species. The botanical importance of Sierra de Huértor cannot be disputed, since besides the presence of oaks, maples and gall-oaks, numerous local and North African endemisms can be encountered.

Sierra de Huétor Nature Reserve

Víznar, Granada  (Andalusia)

スペースのタイプ:自然公園 面積:12.13 ヘクタール Eメール TEL::+34 958 540 426 TEL::+34 955 260 000 Webサイト:Sierra de Huétor Nature Reserve

グラナダ (アンダルシア):

Alfacar. Beas de Granada.

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  • Cultural information

    The cultural environment of Sierra de Huértor ir rich and varied. The enclaves near this Nature Reserve, such as Puerto de la Mora or the Arab baths of Cogollos Vega, as well as Cueva del Agua or Fuente Grande in Aldácar make a trip to this Nature Reserve in Granada even more attractive.

  • Environmental information

    Sierra de Huértor is a middle mountain area of great botanical importance: holm oak groves, oak trees or maples. The wild cat is notably present.

  • Information for visits

    Nature Park's Visitor Centre. Address: c/ Marqués de la Ensenada, 1. Granada. Puerto Lobo Visitor Centre. Address: Carreterade Viznar (to Puerto Lobo), km 43. Viznar, 18179.