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Athletics: Ultra Montaña Palentina

Sport - Athletics,Mountaineering

Physical demand, effort and excitement in a race through the major landmarks of Montaña Palentina in Castilla y León.

A first-class challenge for participants, with more than 9,000 metres of accumulated incline, 70 kilometres long and a climb to peaks of over 2,400 metres high. Also, as a spectator, you can visit the beautiful natural environment like the Curavacas and Espigüete peaks and their surroundings. Other additional races are organised together with the main Ultra Montaña competition. One with a course of 20 kilometres (Trail Fuentes Carrionas, with 2,500 metres of accumulated incline) and one with a course of 7.5 kilometres (Manada Trail, with 700 metres of accumulated incline).

Athletics: Ultra Montaña Palentina

Palencia  (Castilla y Leon)

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