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The day of the Almadía

Festivity of National Tourist Interest



One of the most popular traditional fiestas in Navarre is Almadía Day, held every year in Burgui, in the Roncal Valley.

Almadías were boats which, until the mid 20th century, used to transport wood along the rivers between the valleys of Navarre. This trade has disappeared, but its memory lives on thanks to this celebration. Thousands of visitors come to this festive day every year, and there is a descent of the Esca River in various almadías. The trajectory is five kilometres long and finishes at Burgui’s medieval bridge. The festive programme also includes numerous parallel activities: exhibitions, a craft fair, traditional music and dance, workshops, theatre, country sports and audiovisual projections, as well as a people’s lunch.

The day of the Almadía

Burgui, Burgui-Burgi, Navarre  (Autonomous Community of Navarre)

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