Beach: Pila de la Barrilla


This small cove is located in Tías, the area of the Lanzarote coast most frequented by tourists. The beach has a promenade and hospitality facilities, as well as surveillance and security equipment. It is accessible by bus, and also has a car park.

Beach: Pila de la Barrilla

構成成分: sand, rock

砂の種類: golden

海水浴のコンディション: calm waters

長さ: 90 m

幅: 22 m

都市化の度合い: urban

ヨットハーバー: puerto calero

ビーチへの距離: 4,5 km.

アクセス手段: On foot easy,Car

付近の道路: lz-504

Water craft rental, toilets, showers, footwash, litter bin, cleaning service, telephone, scuba diving area

最高気温: 24º 風: 20 km/h, S