Beach: El Cofete


This 14-kilometre beach in the south of Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands, is situated in a beautiful unspoilt area surrounded by mountains. As it is far from tourist hotspots it is not usually very busy, so it is perfect for people who love unspoilt beaches and want to get away from it all. Nudism is allowed and it is a place where sea turtles are released.

Beach: El Cofete

構成成分: sand

砂の種類: golden

海水浴のコンディション: windy, strong waves

長さ: 13700 m

幅: 50 m

混雑具合: low

都市化の度合い: isolated

ヨットハーバー: morro del jable

アクセス手段: Car

最高気温: 30º 体感温度: 程よい暑さ 風: 緩やか うねり: 強い 水温: 20º