Beach: Caleta de Fuste


This beach is also called castle beach, and it is very well-kept. The sand is golden and the water have hardly any swell. It is well equipped with sunshades, showers, restaurants, rubbish bins, telephones, bars. The promenade, connected to the port, is pleasant and quiet. In Caleta de Fuste, a scuba-diving club runs boat trips and also windsurfing classes.

Beach: Caleta de Fuste

構成成分: sand

砂の種類: golden

海水浴のコンディション: windy, calm waters

長さ: 700 m

幅: 40 m

都市化の度合い: semi-urban

ヨットハーバー: caleta de fuste

ビーチへの距離: 0,1 km.

アクセス手段: On foot easy,Car

付近の道路: fv-2

Sunshade rental, sun lounger rental, water craft rental, showers, litter bin, cleaning service, telephone

最高気温: 23º 体感温度: 穏やか 風: 緩やか うねり: 中程度 水温: 23º