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Beach: Fuente del Gallo


A big and very pretty beach; there is an abrupt cliff that runs all the way along it. At high tide the water completely covers the sand and at low tide the beach is ideal for strolling and windsurfing.

Beach: Fuente del Gallo

構成成分: sand

砂の種類: golden

海水浴のコンディション: moderate waves

長さ: 1000 m

幅: 25 m

都市化の度合い: semi-urban

ヨットハーバー: puerto deportivo puerto conil

ビーチへの距離: 7 km.

アクセス手段: On foot easy,Car

付近の道路: ca-4202

Toilets, litter bin, cleaning service, surf practice area

最高気温: 24º 風: 25 km/h, O