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French St James Way: From León to Santiago - bike tour

You will experience some of the best cultural, natural and historical aspects of the Camino. You will cycle through the Meseta, visit historic cities, along the green hills of Galicia. Bike rental included. Accommodation: hotels/agroturismo (never shelter) all with private facilities- Lugagge transfer included- Bike rental optional1st day: Arrival to León. Fill in for Pilgrims pass “La Credencial” and enjoy the town. Accommodation in León. Meals: Breakfast 2nd day: León-Astorga (54 km - Easy)The Meseta is the classic Castilian countryside: dry and flat. In Astorga visit the Cathedral and Gaudi Palace. Accommodation in Astorga. Meals: Breakfast3rd day: Astorga-Ponferrada (53 km -High)The Camino climbs up to the famous Cruz del Hierro, that offers breathtaking views.Your destination is Ponferrada with a beautiful medieval castle. Accommodation in Ponferrada. Meals: Breakfast4th day: Ponferrada-O Cebreiro (53 km - Very High)Today will see you cycling through the valley of Bierzo. From Villafranca there is quite a bit of climbing and you will pass through the valley Valcarce before tackling the incline of O Cebreiro. Accommodation in Cebreiro. Meals: Breakfast5th day: Cebreiro-Portomarín (62 km -Medium)Don’t miss to visit the most important Galician monaster: Samos. Leaving Sarria the Camino travels upwards. In Portomarin the route crosses the Belesar Dam. Accommodation in Portomarín. Meals: Breakfast6th day: Portomarín-Arzúa (53 km -Medium)The Camino continues downhill. At Melide stop in one of the many restaurants to taste some local specialties. Accommodation in Arzúa. Meals: Breakfast7th day: Arzúa-Santiago (39 km - Medium-High)The arrival will be a triumph: standing in front of the huge Cathedral in Santiago is something you’ll never forget. Accommodation in Santiago. Meals: Breakfast8th day: Santiago We suggest visit the Cathedral

料金 560.0€ 1人当たり(税込み)
アクティビティは次の言語で利用可能です Spanish, English, Italian
場所 León (León) Astorga (León) Ponferrada (León) Arzúa (A Coruña) Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña) Samos (Lugo)
日数 8 日程
アクティビティのカテゴリー スペイン文化と伝統, サンティアゴ巡礼の道
対象者 Adults without children, Senior, LGBT