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Historical Vintages

Bodegas Roda is located on the banks of the Ebro River, on a balcony in the Haro station neighbourhood, over a centuries-old cellar. The facilities were designed to suit our wines: French oak vats (as many as vineyards selected per season), a bioclimatic room resulting from an unprecedented commitment to innovation and two aging sheds dug directly into the rock. The result is two reserves: RODA, silky, festive, fresh, and RODA I, deep, complex and voluminous.A private guided tour with the tasting of four vintages of Roda I, three of them are historical vintages, emphasizing the climatic influence of each of them. As well as the extra virgin olive oils Aubocassa and L’Amo Aubocassa.

料金 85.0€ 1人当たり(税込み)
アクティビティは次の言語で利用可能です Spanish, English, French
場所 Haro (La Rioja)
日数  2 時間
日付に関する追加の情報 Visit from Monday to Saturday. Sundays closed At 10:00 a.m. or 12:00 p.m. Previous appointment Minumum 2 pax Maximum 18 pax
アクティビティのカテゴリー ワインとグルメ, ワイナリー見学とテイスティング
対象者 Families, Young people, Senior
企画会社 Bodegas Roda