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Hiking in la Gomera and Tenerife

Why is that we call the fortunate islands to the Canary Islands? Is it because of its beautiful landscapes? Is it because of its good climate? Is it because its rich biodiversity? Or the endless possibilities for sports? Or the beaches? Or the food? Or maybe for its interesting history and the friendly people? Well, it is a bit of everything… And as a proof, we invite you to see it for yourself in two of the most representative islands: Tenerife and La Gomera.The Canary Islands are an archipelago in front of the northwest coast of Africa. They are steep volcanic islands mostly known for their white and also black sandy beaches. Historically, they have been considered as a bridge between three continents: Africa, America and Europe. And not only for the geographical and cultural links through history, but also because in many of them the variety of climates gives place to a very diverse biodiversity. PROGRAMME:Day 1. Flight to Tenerife. Transfer to the accommodation in Los Cristianos. Meeting with all the participants. Day 2. In Los Cristianos port we will take the ferry to San Sebastián de La Gomera. Excursion Alojera-Valle Gran Rey.Distance 16 km. Elevation gain + 800 m - 900 m. Time: 5-6 hoursDay 3. National Park of Garajonay. Alto del Contadero - El Cedro - Hermigua.Distance 8 km. Elevation gain + 50. - 1.000 m. Time: 4-5 hoursDay 4. The Canyon of Masca - Masca Beach - Los Gigantes. Massif of Teno. Distance 4,2 km. Elevation gain + 20m - 640 m. Time: 3-4 hoursDay 5. El Palmar - Erjos - Los Silos. Rural Park of Teno.Distance 13 km. Elevation gain + 500m - 800 m. Time: 5-6 hours. Day 6. Cañadas del Teide National Park. Circular tour of Guajara Mountain (2.718 m).Distance 9 km. Elevation gain + 650m - 650 m. Time: 4-5 hoursDay 7. Afur-Playa de Tamadite-Taganana. Parque Rural de Anaga.Distance 9 km. Elevation gain + 350m - 350 m. Time: 3-4 hoursDay 8. Transfer

料金 946.0€ 1人当たり(税込み)
アクティビティは次の言語で利用可能です Spanish, English
場所 San Sebastián de la Gomera (Gomera) Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Tenerife)
日数 8 日程
アクティビティのカテゴリー 自然, エコツーリズム, ハイキング
対象者 Young people, Families, Adults without children, Senior, LGBT
企画会社 Muntania Outdoors