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Camino del Cid Paradores Route

Paradores proposes you to discover Spain through routes by staying at our unique hotels. Take the role of the Castilian hero and relive the path he followed on horse on his way to be exiled from Burgos to Valencia, as it is depicted in the Cantar de Mío Cid.Parador de Lerma. Sunday. This Route is homage to the best Spanish books of the medieval literature and of the Europe's classic. The book includes in its title the name of its main hero: "El Cantar del Mío Cid". Parador de Soria. Monday and Tuesday.Once in Soria, visitors should not miss visiting the two cultural references of this town: San Polo and San Saturio, with its elms on the side of the river. The nearby villages - Almarza, Narros, Golmayo or Arnacón - are disseminated in the surroundings of the town, and preserve their rural image. In Garray, in approximately 15 km distance from Soria, you will find the ruins of "Numancia", with an archaeological centreParador de Sigüenza. Wednesday. At their arrival at town, visitors will probably be surprised by the beauty the town is offering, an unrepeatable urban complex, presided by the castle, in which the Parador is located. In this town, Parador de Teruel. Thursday. Talking about the city of Teruel is talking about the "Mudéjar"- style, a beautiful cultural and monumental legacy which has survived long centuries. It is also talking about the "Lovers of Teruel" (Amantes de Teruel). The "Mudéjar" - style of Teruel comes from the Islamic tradition of Aragón. We want to point out the tower of the cathedral, the tower of San Pedro, the tower of San Martin, the tower of San Salvador and the tower of La Merced... Parador de El Saler. Friday and Saturday.Our final destination is Valencia, one of the most attractive, modern and cosmopolitan cities of our country. We offer: Standard double room with breakfasts included / Half board: + 175 €

料金 362.5€ 1人当たり(税込み)
アクティビティは次の言語で利用可能です Spanish, English, French, German
場所 Teruel (Teruel) Sigüenza (Guadalajara) Lerma (Burgos) Soria (Soria) Valencia (Valencia)
日数 7 日程
アクティビティのカテゴリー エクスカーションとルート, 都市や村を訪問, 都市や村を訪問, 数日間のルート, 数日間のルート
対象者 Young people, Families, Adults without children, Senior, LGBT