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Almeria's Highligths

Almería is the land of sun, mountain, desert and sea. The history of Almería city has always been tied with the Mediterranean Sea, as there are only 160km between the African coast. From its beginning, Almería has been a center of an important power where history has left uncountable marks in its legacy. From its foundation in Caliphate times in Al-Andalus to its more modern history. Almería is full of stories and curiosities that won’t disappoint you. A millenary cultural heritage that we can still remember today.Almería is the land of movies and one of the largest outdoor film sets. Almería is the cradle of the Spanish guitar and its creator. Almería has the best vegetable garden of Europe and it is the gastronomic model because of its culinary tradition. Almería is an incredible and natural place where the volcanoes arise from the sea, the desert wants to move forward and where the highest mountains don't let it pass through. Nature and culture join together in this unique experience to let you discover the essence of Almería. Find out indispensable places and monuments in your visit to Almería City with a local guide. The best visit that you can make if you don’t know the city and want to find your way around.Programme:1.Puerta de Purchena. Gathering in the meeting point and presentation with the guide.2.Gate of the shelters and Tomatito Plaza. Find out the origin of the city. Visit Arabic Aljibes according to its schedule.3.Plaza de la Constitución. Get to know this unique place and the evolution of the city. Visit the Heritage Interpretation Center according to its schedule. 4.Jairan’s walls, entrance to Almería’s Alcazaba and its old medina. Visit the exterior of the monument and its original neighbourhood5.Cathedral-Fortress of Almería. Exterior visit of the monument.6.Flores Plaza and John Lennon. Stories of music and cinema to end.

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場所 Almería (Almería)
日数  2 時間
アクティビティのカテゴリー 市内観光, 都市巡り
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