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An open city which links two continents and in which four different cultures come together and intermingle: Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Jewish.

Sites not to miss include the Royal Walls and the Mediterranean Maritime Park. And if you’re keen on water sports, you'll really enjoy Ceuta’s coast. You'll be able to paddle in a kayak, visit the city in a recreational vehicle and spot turtles, dolphins and whales. But this coastline is a particular favourite with scuba divers, as this is the place where the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea meet and mingle together, thus encouraging a constant regeneration of its flora and fauna.

Turismo de Ceuta

C/ Edrissis, s/n. Baluarte de los Mallorquines. Ceuta


Turismo de Ceutaturismo@ceuta.si

+34 856200560

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