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Castell de Peralada Festival

Festival - Music,Opera


An event featuring all kinds of music in the town of Peralada, Girona province.

Peralada, in the Region of Catalonia, celebrates a new edition of its prestigious festival, that brings together music, theatre and a range of multi-disciplinary shows. Over the course of a month you can enjoy symphony concerts, jazz, pop, opera and theatre representations at the three venues that host the festival: the auditorium at the Gardens of Peralada Castle, El Carmen Church and the pavilion in the gardens.

Castell de Peralada Festival

Peralada Castle

Plaza del Carmen 1

17491  Peralada, Girona  (Catalonia)

E-mail:infomuseo@castilloperalada.com Tel.:+34 972538125 Strona WWW: //www.museucastellperalada.com
Rezerwacje przez telefon:+34 972538292 Rezerwacje przez e-mail:taquilla@festivalperalada.com

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