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Justice Pillar in Peñaranda de Duero


It is a Gothic 'pillory' column from the end of the 15th century.It has a a pointed shape and rises up like a needle.The images of its numerous carvings represent lions with manes floating out of the projection. On these locks of the animals three coats of arms with family heraldic motifs have been sculptured (those of the Zúñiga and Avellaneda). The 'pillory' column finished off in the shape of a pyramid with figures of sardines and scales.

Justice Pillar in Peñaranda de Duero

Plaza de los Duques de Avellaneda

09410  Peñaranda de Duero, Burgos  (Castilla y Leon)

Tel.:+34 947552068 Strona WWW:http://www.peñ
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