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Royal Observatory Museum in Madrid


One of the Observatory's locations is in the Villanueva Building, in Retiro Park. This centre has an important collection of antique instruments used for different purposes in astronomy and meteorology, such as a meridian circle, a selection of precision timepieces and a bronze mirror polished by W. Herschel. A Foucault pendulum in the central rotunda illustrates the daily rotation of the earth. The building is crowned by Grubb's large equatorial telescope dating from 1912. Another particular highlight is the library, which conserves one of the most ancient and extensive collections of documents on astronomical subjects.

Royal Observatory Museum in Madrid

Calle Alfonso XII, 3

28014  Madrid  (Madrid Region)

Tel.:+34 915979564 (De lunes a viernes de 09:30 a 13:30 horas). Tel.:+34 915061261 (Sábados 11:30 a 14:00 y 16:00 a 18:00/ Domingos 11:30 a 14:30 horas). Strona WWW: Rezerwacje przez
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