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Casa Lis Art Nouveau and Art Deco Museum


A tribute to the decorative arts

Located in Casa Lis, the city's earliest Modernist building (1905).

The museum is home to 19 series of decorative art dating from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries. It contains almost 2,500 pieces, including glass, porcelain figures, gold and ivory statues, enamels, bronze items, paintings, ivory pieces, furniture, jewels, toys, a Fabergé egg... It also has an important painting collection, with works by 19th-century Catalonian artists and painters from Salamanca, such as Celso Lagar and Mateo Hernández.

Casa Lis Art Nouveau and Art Deco Museum

Calle Gibraltar, 14

37008  Salamanca  (Castilla y Leon)

E-mail:info@museocasalis.org Tel.:+34 923121425 Strona WWW://www.museocasalis.org Rezerwacje przez e-mail:reservas@museocasalis.org
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