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Paradores Route of the Maestrazgo region

Parador de BenicarlóSunday and Monday.The Maestrazgo Region is a luminous front facing the seaside. The Mediterranean Sea dilutes the mountains and ranges of the inner part of the Maestrazgo. Benicarló is a good starting point for discovering this pleasant coast, with near villages like Peñíscola, dominated by the fortress of the "Papa Luna", which looks like it was flying over the water and the older part of town. In the interior, we may visit the area of Els Ports-Maestrat, with beautiful villages like Morella, with numerous civil and religious monuments, reflecting the history of the village.Parador de TortosaTuesday. The village of Tortosa is located on the last meter of the Ebro River, before the river forms its delta. Within the delta, the Natural Park with a very singular and beautiful landscape, one of the most important humid areas in the Western Mediterranean Sea. Parador de AlcañizWednesday and Thursday.In the region of Bajo Aragón, the knights of the "Orden de Calatrava" resided during several centuries in its castle, which is located on a hill dominating the village, and in which the Parador deAlcañiz is located today. In Alcañiz, the visitor should see the "Torre Del Homenaje" (XII century) with its Gothic wall paintings of the XIV century, the medieval secret passes, and the monumental Plaza de España.Parador de TeruelFriday and Saturday. Talking about the city of Teruel is talking about the "Mudéjar"- style, a beautiful cultural and monumental legacy which has survived long centuries. It is also talking about the "Lovers of Teruel" (Amantes de Teruel). The "Mudéjar" - style of Teruel comes from the Islamic tradition of Aragón. We want to point out the tower of the cathedral, the tower of San Pedro, the tower of San Martin, the tower of San Salvador and the tower of La Merced...We offer: Standard double room with breakfasts included / Half board Supplement: + 175 € per person

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Miejsce Teruel (Teruel) Alcañiz (Teruel) Tortosa (Tarragona) Benicarló (Castellón - Castelló)
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