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Excursion Tabernas Desert in Almeria

This protected Natural Site is a unique natural space in Spain and in the world. Tabernas Desert boasts of being the only natural desert in Europe, as it receives less than 200 litres of water per year. The singularity of its flora and fauna have to do with its territory’s climate and dryness. An inhospitable and wild place that won’t disappoint you. Tabernas Desert and its environment belong to the collective imagination of a whole generation. Its wild landscapes have been used since the 1960s as outdoor film sets. Hollywood’s movies or the famous Spaghetti Western meant the beginning of an industry that still has a main role nowadays in Almería. TV shows like Game of Thrones or movies such as Exodus or Wonder Woman, among other productions, are still recorded each year in Tabernas.Traveling the ancient seabed through its now dry rivers, and even walking or in a car, it is a supernatural experience. There are ancient movie settings, theme parks, olive presses, wineries and even a race track. But if none of that appeals to you, we can always go to the sky of Almería and watch the greatness of the desert from its nearest peak. Programme:1.Pickup and lodging. Welcome and introduction of the experience with a guide2.Panoramic tour in Tabernas Desert. Road trip to the desert by car3.Walk through ravines. Brief tour through the desert ravines if it’s possible4.Choose a complementary activity to do:Brief hiking through the desertVisit Tabernas villageVisit the Colativi peak, 1,387 metres high.

Cena Od: 37.5euro za osobę (podatki wliczone w cenę)
Atrakcje dostępne w następujących językach: Spanish, English
Miejsce Almería (Almería) Tabernas (Almería)
Czas trwania  4 godz.
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