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Peña Cabarga Nature Reserve


A surprising landscape

In the Reserve, sharp points, escarpments, vertical faces and the labyrinth of 'callejones'. abound

The extraction of iron in the clay of this karst landscape has been traced back to Roman times.This, combined with the erosive action of the water and wind, has produced a landscape of unique beauty.Not only the curious formations, but also the contrast of colours (the red of the clay and green of the vegetation) surprise the visitor.

Peña Cabarga Nature Reserve

Ctra. CA-142 Heras – Peña Cabarga

Piélagos, Cantabria  (Cantabria)

Категория охраняемой природной территории:Природный парк Площадь:2 588 гектары Тел.:+34 942 522 833 Веб-сайт::Peña Cabarga Nature Reserve

Кантабрия (Кантабрия):


Useful information

What you need to know

  • Cultural information

    In the surround towns, on the Cantabrian coastline, visitors can find a considerable wealth of art and monuments.

  • Environmental information

    Peña Cabarga massif lies to the south of Santander bay Its orography is surprising owing to the large number of sharp points and crests that have formed due to erosion.

  • Information for visits

    The visit is unrestricted. In it we find the Cabárceno Nature Park.