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Majona Nature Reserve

La Gomera

The land of the ravines

There are two big ravines that make up this Reserve of precipitous orography.

The Reserve is located in one of the most rugged parts of the island of La Gomera.From heights of Enchereda the big ravines of Majona and Juel descend, giving the Park its current appearance. There are diverse habitats, homes to different plant formations.There are areas of Canary Island pine, with Phoenician juniper and wild olive trees, while in the depths of the ravines laurel forests grow.This fauna includes the exceptional African Monarch butterfly and the gilded Danaida.

Majona Nature Reserve

Hermigua, La Gomera  (Canary Islands)

Категория охраняемой природной территории:Природный парк Площадь:1 757 гектары Е Тел.:+34 922 14 40 40 Тел.:+34 922 141 235 Веб-сайт::Majona Nature Reserve

Ла-Гомера (Канарские острова):


Useful information

What you need to know

  • Cultural information

    The Park is located near to the towns of San Sebastián and Hermigua.

  • Environmental information

    From a geological point of view, Majona Nature Reserve is very interesting.Its orography is very steep with deep ravines and cliffs. Located on the eastern side of the island of La Gomera.

  • Information for visits

    Unrestricted access from Las Casetas, halfway along the road that joins San Sebastián with Hermigua.