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The old University of Baeza


The 'alumbrados' of Baeza.

Baeza had a university before Úbeda and the city of Jaén.

The building is from the late 16th century. The most significant part of the building is the courtyard.Antonio Machado was a professor here. The Blessed John of Ávila was a rector. It was founded by the chaplain Dr. Rodrigo López, a relative of Pope Paul III. The parochial nature of the Old University of Baeza led to a strain of mysticism among its students, who were known as “alumbrados”, and subsequently investigated by the Spanish Inquisition. The leading professors received prison sentences.

The old University of Baeza

Calle Beato Juan de Ávila, s/n.

Baeza, Jaén  (Andalusia)

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