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Real Maestranza Bullring and Museum


A bullring with over 240 years of history

Built in 1761, it is today a landmark in Spanish bullfighting.

The Real Maestranza bullring is one of the most emblematic buildings in Seville. One of its most unique features is the slightly oval shape of the ring. The front rows of seats, originally made of stone, were replaced with brick ones in 1914, although the earlier ones remain underneath. The bullring also has a museum where visitors can learn more about the world of bullfighting through an exhibition of costumes, photographs and paintings.

Real Maestranza Bullring and Museum

Paseo de Colón, 12

41001  Sevilla, Seville  (Andalusia)

Е Тел.:+34 954 221 490 Тел.:+34 954 210 315 Тел.:+34 954 224 577 Веб-сайт::
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