The "Sol de Miró"

In 2023 it will be 40 years since the creation of an emblematic logo, the "Sol de Miró". Devised by Joan Miró, one of the most important Spanish artists of the 20th century, it was the first time that a work of art was used as a logo to identify a country.

© Successió Miró, VEGAP, Madrid, 2023

© Francesc Català-Roca / Turismo de Palma

© Fundación Pilar i Joan Miró / Turismo de Palma

© Successió Miró, VEGAP, Madrid, 2023

Our colors

A logo that represents the values of the Spanish tourism brand. Black, symbolizing our character, strong and intense; yellow, the light and joy of our sun; red, our passion; and green, our landscapes full of nature.


40 years of a logo

Since then, TURESPAÑA has been using this logo in all its international campaigns, positioning our country as a world tourism leader.

1984 Spain. Everything under the sun
1991 Spain. Passion for life
1995 Spain By
1998 Bravo Spain
2002 Spain marks
2004 Smile! You are in Spain
2008 Spain. 25 years beyond the sun
2010 I need Spain
2017 Spain is part of you
2021 Back to Spain
2021 You deserve Spain

Spain. Everything under the sun / 1984-1990

In 1984, the advertising campaign was launched with the slogan "Everything under the sun", possibly one of the most brilliant, long-lasting (it was used for nine years) and effective in recent Spanish advertising. The campaign has evolved with the slogan "Everything new under the sun".

Spain. Passion for life / 1991-1994

In 1991, the new slogan "Passion for life" refers to an increasingly active and lively tourism, in line with our passionate character that moves those who visit us to enjoy their holidays with different experiences and emotions.

Spain By / 1995-1997

An image campaign in which some of the most renowned photographers in the international market interpret their vision of Spain. Images by Herb Ritts, Elliot Erwitt and Annie Leibovitz show a different and impressive country with style.

Bravo Spain / 1998-2001

In 1998, and under the slogan "Bravo Spain", a new communication campaign was created with a resounding and memorable claim, easily and equally pronounced in all languages. It conveys an image of Spain as a modern country, with quality and diversity.

Spain marks / 2002-2003

A groundbreaking advertising campaign, which bases its creative axis on considering Spain as a tourist destination with its own personality, a way of understanding life that does not leave visitors indifferent, who will remember their experience for the rest of their lives.

Smile! You are in Spain / 2004-2009

A campaign that highlights the emotional and friendly component of visiting Spain, the fun and relaxed nature of the experience, whose images stand out with the trace of a smile that emphasises the form and lifestyle. 

Spain. 25 years beyond the sun / 2008

The 25 years of the Spanish tourism logo are celebrated with a specific campaign developed alongside the generic campaign. A "journey through time" in which tourists from 25 years ago enjoy today's Spain.

I need Spain / 2010-2016

The campaign aims to renew the image of the Spain tourism brand based on one of its main assets: the Spanish way of life. It has the collaboration of ambassadors such as Ferrá Adriá, Gisela Pulido and the players of the Spanish football and basketball teams.

Spain is part of you / 2017-2020

This campaign was launched in 2017, targeting cosmopolitan tourists. It shows the most aspirational and welcoming image of Spain, referring to how a part of the country stays with tourists after their visit. 

Back to Spain / 2021

In 2021, we ran a campaign aimed at tourists who feel that Spain is their second home, the place where they have lived unique and unforgettable experiences. With very emotional creativity, it reminds people that the best time of the year has come; holidays, and it's time to go back to Spain.

You deserve Spain / 2021-2023

The campaign, specially designed for the sector's economic recovery period, appeals to positive emotions and unique moments in which to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in our country with a renewed approach adapted to present times.

A unique brand

That is why, 40 years later, Spain is the favorite destination of millions of travellers from all over the world. Many things have changed in this time, but our essence and our values, our light, our joy, our hospitality, our passion and our contagious way of living life remain the same. Just like our logo, a work of art that, 40 years later, remains as rabidly modern and timeless as the first day.

Images of international campaigns
Images of international campaigns