Beach: El Parais


This vast beach provides services and facilities, such as showers and life guards. There is also considerable space in which to practise sports, for example football. Its tall palm trees decorate the enclave. It is ideal for families or friends. Access and parking are easy.

Beach: El Parais

Покрытие: sand, gravel

Тип песка: golden

Условия купания: moderate waves

Длина: 1060 m

Ширина: 25 m

Близость к населенному пункту: semi-urban

Спортивный порт: club náutico la vila

Расстояние до пляжа: 3 km.

Как добраться: On foot easy,Car

Ближайшее шоссе: n-332

Sunshade rental, sun lounger rental, water craft rental, toilets, footwash, litter bin, cleaning service

Максимальная температура: 21º Ветер: 40 km/h, NO
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