Beach: Cubelas



Crossing the road from O Torno, there is a smaller beach that is the perfect option for relaxing in the comfortable knowledge that it has been awarded the blue flag. There are shower facilities, wheelchair entry points for the disabled and heather sunshades. It has some beautiful ruins at its far end that are well worth a visit. There are several small fishing boats that are anchored in front of the beach.

Beach: Cubelas

Покрытие: sand

Тип песка: white

Условия купания: moderate waves

Длина: 250 m

Ширина: 20 m

Степень заполненности: high

Близость к населенному пункту: urban

Спортивный порт: puerto deportivo de viveiro

Расстояние до пляжа: 20 km.

Как добраться: On foot easy

Ближайшее шоссе: lu-142

Toilets, showers, footwash, litter bin, cleaning service, telephone

Максимальная температура: 15º Ветер: 20 km/h, O