Beach: Cala del Pi


Pine cove, or del Pi as the locals call it, is classified as one of the prettiest in the area. Its shell shape, its strikingly clear water, the vegetation down to the sand all make this an ideal place to enjoy a day on the beach. It can be reached by the road of Ronda bordering other coves on the way. The scenery is beautiful, with the ruins of a stone bridge right by the cove. The seabed is gorgeous, with a great variety of pretty fish.

Beach: Cala del Pi

Покрытие: rock, sand

Тип песка: golden

Условия купания: calm waters

Длина: 65 m

Ширина: 15 m

Близость к населенному пункту: semi-urban

Спортивный порт: puerto deportivo port d'aro

Расстояние до пляжа: 2,5 km.

Как добраться: On foot easy

Ближайшее шоссе: c-253

Cleaning service

Максимальная температура: 19º Ветер: 20 km/h, N
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