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Birding in Llanos de Cáceres (Extremadura)

Step into Llanos de Cáceres, one of the special protected areas for birds (ZEPA) and one of the best places to admire the great birds of prey and steppe birds.Get in a 4x4 and go through the best corners in Llanos like the meadows and wetlands existing in the area, where these great birds and other small ones live in.Watch closely some of the most emblematic birds in this area of Extremadura, like the bustard, the sisón, the alcaraván, the griffon vulture or the common crane.If you need binoculars or a telescope to enjoy to the max this experience, we have some for you! If your passion are birds, this is chance to enjoy them to the max.

Стоимость 60.0€ на человека (включая налоги)
Мероприятия доступны на следующих языках Spanish, English
Место Sierra de Fuentes (Cáceres)
Продолжительность  4 часы
Категория мероприятия Природа, Наблюдение за птицами, Спорт и приключения, Прогулки на внедорожниках
Для кого? Young people, Families, Adults without children, Senior, LGBT
Компания-организатор Nattule
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