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Ornithology in Almería

In the wonderful Sierra de los Filabres can enjoy the best views of nature and spectacular sounds of nature. In our houses you will see the variety of birds that inhabit our trees and that cross our sky. Walk through our official trails, work out in the mountains, relax enjoying the scenery and many more activities await you in Reul Alto. Stay at our houses and have nature in the pack.

Стоимость 25.0€ на человека (включая налоги)
Мероприятия доступны на следующих языках Spanish, English
Место Laroya (Almería)
Продолжительность 1 дни
Мероприятие доступно с: 12-12-2016
Мероприятие доступно до: 30-05-2026
Категория мероприятия Природа, Наблюдение за флорой и фауной, Пешие походы
Для кого? Young people, Families, Adults without children, Senior, LGBT
Компания-организатор Reul Alto Cortijos Rurales
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