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Archaeological and Ethnological HeritageThe archaeological heritage of this community has not been sufficiently known so far only selective prospecting work has been carried out, including the campaign of the Archaeological Inventory of Avila 1995. It is therefore very likely that new occurrences will continue to appear that it is necessary to be incorporated into one Future in the short term.In the file archaeological site of the Territorial Service for Culture of Avila, which includes only one tab corresponds to an ethnological well, it is the remains of the mill canyon Pajarero, but of the visit and you provide information through the council, the neighbors through oral Gathered by tradition, there may be deposits in places of Los Casares and El Castrejon.CasaresThe name itself is an indication of the existence of ancient buildings, of which there is currently nothing to see. The first visual inspection follows here that could be a reservoir of Middle Ages, located in a sheltered slope ela well oriented south. The testimonies of the locals speak of remnants of buildings that appear on the ground to cultivate the land currently cultivated in some plots.The geographical coordinates are:40º 18 '21' '04º 32 '34' 'Height: 1129 m.The CastrejonThe name may indicate a deposit from prehistoric times linked to a granitic ledge of a certain size.El Canto de la MoraNext to a small dam north of the city. It is a big rock next to the Fowler Gorge. While the placename might be some indication of some sort of relationship with age, no calm is not perceived, but it is likely that there is some indication that the placename triggered or that the placename motivates rock in the vicinity of any associated legend comes and his interpretation. 

Стоимость От: 35.0€ на человека (включая налоги)
Мероприятия доступны на следующих языках Spanish, English, French, German, Italian
Место Santa María del Tiétar (Ávila)
Продолжительность 2 дни
Категория мероприятия Природа, Экотуризм, Пешие походы
Для кого? Young people, Families, Adults without children, Senior, LGBT
Компания-организатор LA POSADA DEL TIETAR****
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