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Andalusian arab Cordoba tour

We invite you to delight your senses through a stimulating walk through Andalusi Cordoba. Share and flavour our own history, our esteemed heritage. We will take you back to the 10th Century and ignite your imagination of what life was like in the time of Al-Andalus. Come and discover yourself through sensations in an environment lived in by our ancestors and that is still felt in our historical memories; relish the discovery of the senses and of yourself.Enjoy our history, in the heart of the Jewish Quarter of Cordoba, as you take an exciting walk through time in this lively atmosphere and arrive at the Arabic Baths, followed by a wonderful food experience within the Jewish Quarter.Andalusi HouseThe Andaluci flavour of this house blends perfectly with the oriental mood of music that fills every corner, of aromas, of the colourful flowers and decoration. It is thus more than a house, it is more than a mark of tradition or ethnology – it is an environment that is very much alive and invites you to live and be a part of it.Arabic Bath and MassageChoose the type of bath and massage you want and submerge yourself into the past, in this ancient Arabic ritual. The Baths consist of a hot pool, a cold pool, a warm pool, a floating pool and Hammam. The secret of the Hammam is to combine hot and cold, water and steam. A tour through the culture of water and the aromas of the Al-Andalus period, will restore your mental and physical wellbeing. Apart from the baths , you can have a relaxing massage with essential oils of jasmine, rosemary or orange blossom.Themed SupperFood for Health: Taste delicious humus, Basmati rice with meat or a shell fish Paella amongst the most popular specialities at the “Salon de Te”. Enjoy the comfort of this traditional tea house, in one of the exquisitely decorated private salons, or in the beautiful central patio.

Стоимость От: 98.0€ на человека (включая налоги)
Мероприятия доступны на следующих языках Spanish, English, French
Место Córdoba (Cordoba)
Продолжительность  6 часы
Дополнительные сведения о датах The influence of 7 centuries of Musilim. Al-Andalus is the name given to the Iberian Peninsula that remained under muslim rule. Discover the influence of beauty within you, as you delight in an Andalusi supper. You will be surprised to feel it is possible to experience your journey through the exquisiteness of taste with traditional recipes made from products of our homeland. Start of the experience: 18:00 Visit to Andalusi House.Arabic Bath and Massage.Themed Andalusi Supper. When: All year, from Monday to Sunday Duration: Approximately 6 hours. Collection from your hotel: 17:30 Includes: Guide/Companion Price per person: € 98? We customise your experience to suit your personal preferences” SUBMERGE YOURSELF IN THE EXPERIENCE
Категория мероприятия Оздоровление, Городской туризм, Городские туры, Вино и гастрономия
Для кого? Adults without children, Young people, LGBTQI+, Senior
Компания-организатор CORDOBA INCOMING SC.
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