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Almodovar Castle

The bastion of Andalusia.The Castle of Almodóvar, on the crest of a hill called La Floresta, was built by the Arabs in the 8th century. Later conquered by the Christians, it served as a home for the King Pedro I "El Cruel".Among the nine towers that make up the set, it is worth mentioning its albarrana tower, "La Torre del Homenaje".Sold in 1629 by the King Felipe IV to Don Francisco del Corral y Guzmán and rebuilt in 1902 by the XII Count of Torralva, it is today one of the best preserved castles in Andalusia.Construction: CastleArtistic period: Arabic - ChristianHistorical period: S. VIIIThe visit can be done both free and guided, including the latter a different price that you can check on the website or contacting us.

Стоимость 9.0€ на человека (включая налоги)
Мероприятия доступны на следующих языках Spanish, English, French, German
Место Almodóvar del Río (Cordoba)
Продолжительность  1 часы, 30 мин.
Категория мероприятия Испанская культура и традиции
Для кого? Adults without children, Families, Young people, LGBT, Senior
Компания-организатор Castillo de Almodóvar
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