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Astún Ski Resort


Located in the Aragón Valley in the Pyrenees, with access via the N-330 road towards the Franco-Spanish border (Somport), 33 km from Jaca and 115 km from Huesca. Astún's altitudes range from 1,658 m to 2,300 m and it has a wide variety of pistes of all levels. The resort town is located at the foot of the pistes and offers a full range of services.It offers a joint ski pass with Candanchú ski resort.

Astún Ski Resort

Valle de Astún S.A. Winter Resort

Valle de Astún - Barranco del Escalar

22889  Puerto Astún, Jaca, Huesca  (Aragón)

Е-mail:astun@astun.com Тел.:+34 974373088 Тел.:+34 974373295 Веб-сайт:://www.astun.com
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