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Caldas de Boí Spa Resort


The Caldes de Boí Spa Resort lies in the heart of the Lerida section of the Pyrenees, in the Boí Valley. It covers 24 hectares and owing to its 37 springs, of varying composition and temperature, it can be considered to be one of the leading water phenomena in our country.

Caldas de Boí Spa Resort

C/ Afueras, s/n. Caldes de Boí

25528  Caldes de Boí, Vall de Boí, La, Lleida  (Catalonia)

Е-mail:reservas@caldesdeboi.com Тел.:+34 973696210 Тел.:+34 973696210 Веб-сайт::http://www.balnearios.org/balneario/caldes-de-bo
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