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Running: San Silvestre Vallecana Event

Sport - Athletics

The last day of the year sees one of the most populous running events, held in the Spanish capital – the 10 km San Silvestre Vallecana race.

The race is divided into two sections. On one side is San Silvestre Popular, which is open to all runners over 10 years of age, with 27,500 places available. On the other side is San Silvestre Vallecana International, a far more select event with just 1,000 places reserved for runners with accredited 10 km times of less than 39 minutes (for men) and 45 minutes (for women).

Running: San Silvestre Vallecana Event

Madrid  (Madrid Region)

San Silvestre Popular: 6 pm; San Silvestre Vallecana International: 8.00pm.

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