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Easter Week in Ponferrada

Festivity of National Tourist Interest

In addition to the inherent devotion of Easter Week, the processions in Ponferrada have a special something: the 'lambrión chupacandiles'. This religious brotherhood member dresses all in black and goes around the streets accompanied by children to announce the start of processions with a bell.

The most traditional procession, the Encounter, is held on Good Friday where members of the Jesus of Nazareth Brotherhood journey around the streets to the rhythm of bugles and kettledrums. Alongside the religious tradition, the local custom is to have a typical 'limonada' or lemonade in one of the area's cafés or bars. A good way to understand how important this festivity is for Ponferrada is to visit the Museum of Religious Brotherhoods

В условиях пандемии организация публичных праздничных мероприятий может быть подвергнута значительным изменениям.

Easter Week in Ponferrada

Ponferrada, León  (Castilla y Leon)