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BluesCazorla Festival

Festival - Music,Jazz and blues

Since 1994, the BluesCazorla Festival has been held over a few days in July in the town of Cazorla (Jaén province).

It takes in a broad array of concerts by outstanding Spanish and international groups and soloists, as well as acoustic performances. The event takes place at three different venues: the BluesCazorla stage in the bullring, the Sennheiser stage in the Cristo Auditorium, and the Caledonia stage in Plaza de Santa María square. There are also parallel activities and exhibitions held in the Merced Theatre.

BluesCazorla Festival

Cazorla, Jaén  (Andalusia)

Е-mail:info@cazorla.es Тел.:+34 953720000 Веб-сайт::http://www.bluescazorla.com/
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