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Arde Lucus

Festivity of National Tourist Interest

Lugo returns to its Roman roots to relive the history and culture of its peoples. This festival has been declared of National Tourist Interest.

 The Arde Lucus Festival aims to relive the founding of the city of Lugo by recreating its Roman past. Over three days, Lugo goes back to being Lucus Augusti, an important city in Roman Gallaecia full of all kinds of recreational and cultural activities. Linked to the summer solstice, the city wall and Praza Maior square play an important role in this festival, as they are the ideal setting for travelling back in time to the 1st century. The city's inhabitants join in the festivities by taking to the streets dressed in Roman or Castro clothes to pretend that they have gone back several centuries.

Arde Lucus

Lugo  (Galicia)


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