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San Salvador Monastery in Vilanova de Lourenzá


It was founded in the 10th century by Count Santo (Osorio Gutiérrez). The Museum of Religious Art can be found inside this Benedictine monastery. The building as a whole has the cultural property designation, and consists of an abbey and the church, as well as various chapels, a monastery, two cloisters and a courtyard. The church’s Baroque façade stands out especially. It was renovated in 1732 by Casas y Novoa, the master architect behind the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela.

San Salvador Monastery in Vilanova de Lourenzá

Plaza del Conde Santo, s/n.

27760  Vilanova, Lourenzá, Lugo  (Galicia)

Тел.:+34 982121006 Тел.:+34 646014699 Веб-сайт