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Quiñones de León Municipal Park


The garden is the result of remodelling carried out in the final third of the 19th century by the Duke of Alcedo. He was married to an English woman, surely behind the British feel of the site. The garden is located behind the manor house and is structured over three, very different levels: the rose garden, set in a linear formation with the famous Príncipe de las Aguas fountain, the French garden (created by a Portuguese gardener), geometric with trimmed box hedges, and the English garden, also known as the “Pradera del Té” (tea lawn).

Quiñones de León Municipal Park

Parque de Castrelos s/n

36213  Vigo, Pontevedra  (Galicia)

Е-mail:museocastrelos@vigo.org Тел.:+34 986295070 Тел.:+34 986295075 Веб-сайт::http://www.museodevigo.org/informacion_es.php
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