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Gernika Peace Museum Foundation


A symbol of peace

The aim of this museum is to disseminate and educate visitors in the principles and basic ideas of peace.

Gernika represents the Basque Country's greatest symbol of freedom, and after the infamous bombing which took place during the Civil War, became a pacifist emblem. The permanent exhibition approaches the subject of peace from different points of view, as well as the history of Gernika. The museum also has two video rooms, a conference room and a documentation centre on the bombing.

Gernika Peace Museum Foundation

Plaza de los Fueros 1

48300  Gernika-Lumo, Guernica, Bizkaia  (Basque Country)

Е-mail:museoa@gernika-lumo.net Тел.:+34 946270213 Веб-сайт:://www.museodelapaz.org Телефон для бронирования:+34 946270213 Электронная почта для бронирования:museoa@gernika-lumo.net
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