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Grandas de Salime Ethnographic Museum

Grandas de Salime


An exhibition of traditional architecture

The museum is home to a collection of typical elements and areas that made up the daily lives of the people who once lived in the region of Grandas de Salime in Asturias. Visitors can see a well-conserved representation of a typical cooking hearth (called “lareira”), looms, a school, a bedroom, a forge, carpentry workshop, turner’s workshop, shoemaker’s, winery, canteen and even a mill. You can also see items such as hunting and fishing equipment, farm tools and traditional baskets.

Grandas de Salime Ethnographic Museum

Avenida del Ferreriro s/n

33730  Grandas de Salime, Asturias  (Principality of Asturias)

Е-mail:museo@museodegrandas.es Тел.:+34 985627243 Веб-сайт:://www.museodegrandas.com
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