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El Romeral Dolmen


Prehistoric remains.

This cave served as a tomb for its inhabitants.

This prehistoric cave has two differentiated parts. On one hand, a long corridor leading to a flat door which provides access to a tomb chamber called a “tholos”. It is built with a false vault using courses of stones laid closer and closer together. The second zone is a smaller room intended for offerings that were placed on a slab that served as an altar.

El Romeral Dolmen

Carretera A-7283, dirección Córdoba

29200  Antequera, Malaga  (Andalusia)

Е-mail:dolmenesdeantequera.ccul@juntadeandalucia.es Тел.:+34 952712206 Веб-сайт:://www.juntadeandalucia.es/cultura Телефон для бронирования:+34 952712208 Электронная почта для бронирования:visitasdolmenesdeantequera.ccul@juntadeandalucia.es
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