The City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia

The perfect Spain for you if you're modern

Are you always in search of the ultimate in everything? Do you like being the first to discover the new trends? Are not you of those who follow the masses but they follow you? Do you feel unique in what you do? Don’t you yearn any past time but you look in the future what is for coming? Are you a Modern man!

You belong to your time, to the moment in which you live and you know of which places people are going to start talking about. You go ahead to the trends and you are who decides which places will be fashionable.  Wrap yourself in the modern architecture of our country. And although you have visited them already, return to the modern art museums, because it’s sure that the exhibitions are top trending on social networks and you can be the first to talk about it. If you go to Barcelona, you'll love touring the city by bike and enjoy the incredible Torre Agbar. If you go to Valencia you'll want to visit first the City of the Arts and the Sciences. And if you are in Sevilla, dead sure, you will not be conform with the Giralda, instead your goal will be to walk along the Metropol Parasol. You are tirelessly looking for the different point of your travels, that’s why, when you visit Madrid you will give a tour through the Paseo de la Castellana until you reach the Cuatro Torres Business Area, and for dinner, you'll go to Malasaña, one of the coolest neighborhoods from Madrid. Don’t forget to delight your palate in the most artistic wineries, you'll love both its wines as its architecture! Share it with your friends and family on social networks with the hashtag #Spainforyou. Let’s travel!  


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